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Vocabulary: Words starting with A (31-40)

List (31-40)

31. Anthropoid


mid 19th cent.: from Greek anthrōpoeidēs, from anthrōpos ‘human being’ + -oid.
Meaning in English: human like, resembling human being, man like.
Meaning in Hindi: मानवाकार, मानव के आकार का, मनुष्य जैसा
Usage in Sentence:
"An anthropoid killed a child in Delhi."
Synonyms: man like, humanoid, monkey, gorilla.
Mnemonic: Anthro means humans. So Anthropoid is anything which resembles human.

32. Anthropologist


it came from word Anthropology.
Meaning in English:
-  a person who specializes in Anthropology.
-  Student of history and science of humankind.
Meaning in Hindi: मानवविज्ञानी
 Usage in Sentence:
"Jack is an anthropologist."
Mnemonic: Anthro means humans. So anthropologist is one who studies human beings.                            

33. Anthropomorphic


early 19th cent.: from Greek anthrōpomorphos.
Meaning in English: having human form or characteristics.
Meaning in Hindi: मानवाकृतीय, मानवरूपी
Usage in Sentence:
"Anthropomorphic monkeys and bears."
Synonyms: humanoid, human like.
Mnemonic: Anthropomorphic = Anthro (human) + morphic (form). So Anthropomorphic is form of humans.

34. Anticlimax

Meaning in English: something unexciting, ordinary, an event that is far less important or powerful than expected.
Meaning in Hindi: दुखान्त, प्रभाव को न्यून करने वाला.
Usage in Sentence:
"The end of movie was anticlimax."
Synonyms: letdown, come down, drop, slump, decline, disappointment.
Antonyms: boost, ascent, increase, rise, climax.
Mnemonic: Climax means something exciting; so anticlimax is opposite to it i.e. an ordinary event.

35. Antidote


late Middle English: via Latin, from Greek antidoton, neuter of antidotos ‘given against’, from anti- ‘against’ + didonai ‘give’.
Meaning in English: medicine to counteract poison,  something that prevent injurious effects.
Meaning in Hindi: मारक, विषहर औषध, विष नाशक
Usage in Sentence:
"There is no antidote to poison of African snake."
Synonyms: remedy, nullifier, counteragent, neutralizer, medicine, preventive.
Antonyms: disease
Mnemonic: Remember snake bite has two dotes. So antidote is medicine for poison of snake.

36. Antipathy


late 16th cent. (in the sense ‘opposition of feeling, nature, or disposition’): from French antipathie, or via Latin from Greek antipatheia, from antipathēs ‘opposed in feeling’, from anti ‘against’ + pathos ‘feeling’.
Meaning in English: strong dislike, aversion, opposition.
Meaning in Hindi: घृणा, चिढ़, विरोधभाव
 Usage in Sentence:
"BJP has antipathy toward Congress."
Synonyms: hostility, antagonism, opposition, enmity, ill will, hatred, hate, repugnance.
Antonyms: liking, affinity, support, kindness, love, admiration.
Mnemonic: Antipathy is opposite to sympathy.

37. Antiquated


late 16th cent. (in the sense ‘old, of long standing’): from ecclesiastical Latin antiquare ‘make old’, from antiquus
Meaning in English: Outdated, old-fashioned, obsolete.
Meaning in Hindi: प्राचीन, अप्रचलित, पुराने ढंग का
 Usage in Sentence:
"She has antiquated attitude."
Synonyms: out of date, archaic, prehistoric, ancient.
Mnemonic: Antiquated sounds like antique which is old-fashioned.

38. Antique


late 15th cent. (as an adjective): from Latin antiquus, anticus ‘former, ancient’, from ante ‘before’.
Meaning in English: made in an earlier period, belong to past time.
Meaning in Hindi: पुराना, अनोखा
 Usage in Sentence:
"Antique furniture."
Synonyms: out of date, outdated, outmoded, old-fashioned, archaic, antiquated, anachronistic, ancient, antediluvian, superannuated, outworn.
Antonyms: current, modern, up to-date, fresh, recent.

39. Antiquity


Middle English: from Old French antiquite, from Latin antiquitas, from antiquus ‘old, former’.
Meaning in English: the quality of being old, ancient times, great age.
Meaning in Hindi: पुरातनता, पूर्वकाल के अत्रशेष
Usage in Sentence:
"A church of great antiquity."
Synonyms: ancient past, classical times, times gone by, museum piece.
Antonyms: now, modernity, newness.
Mnemonic: Antiquity is a whisky. Its taste increases as it grows old.

40. Antiseptic


It came from word septic. Early 17th cent.: via Latin from Greek sēptikos, from sēpein ‘make rotten’.
Meaning in English: substance that prevents infection in wound, free of contamination.
Meaning in Hindi: रोगाणु रोध, क्षय-निरोधक
 Usage in Sentence:
"Antiseptic helps to prevent infection in wound."
Synonyms: hygienic, pure, germ-free, purifying, sterilizing, disinfectant.
Antonyms: unclean, dirty, polluted, unsanitary, contaminated.
Mnemonic: Anti + septic = Antiseptic. Anti means against and septic means infected. So anything that prevents infection is antiseptic.

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