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Vocabulary: Words starting with A (61-70)

List (61-70)

61. Apothecary


late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin apothecarius, from Latin apotheca, from Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’.
Meaning in English: a druggist, a pharmacist, a person who prepares and sold medicines and drugs.
Meaning in Hindi: दवा बेचनेवाला, औषधि बनाने या बेचने वाला
Usage in Sentence:
"Apothecary gave me wrong medicine."
Synonyms: dispenser, druggist.
Mnemonic: Apothecary = a + pot + he + cary. He carries drug hidden in pot.

62. Apotheosis


late 16th cent.: via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek apotheōsis, from apotheoun ‘make a god of’, from apo ‘from’ + theos ‘god’.
Meaning in English: elevation to godhood, the ideal example, the highest point in development of something.
Meaning in Hindi: गुणगान, आदर्श, किसी मनुष्य को देवता की पदवी देना, देवीकरण
 Usage in Sentence:
"His appearance as hamlet was apotheosis of his career."
Synonyms: climax, culmination, apogee, highest point, pinnacle, summit, zenith, apex, acme, idolization, immortalization.
Antonyms: nadir.
Mnemonic: Apotheosis = ap + theo (means god) + is. Ap god ho.

63. Appall


Middle English: from Old French apalir ‘grow pale’, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + palir ‘to pale’. The original sense was ‘grow pale’, later ‘make pale’, hence ‘horrify’ (late Middle English).
Meaning in English: dismay, shock deeply, to fill with horror.
Meaning in Hindi: स्तंभित कर देना, डराना, डरा देना, भयभीत करना
Usage in Sentence:
"I was appalled by damage from fire."
Synonyms: horrify, dismay, shock, outrage, alarm, terrify.
Antonyms: comfort, delight, encourage, calm, soothe.
Mnemonic: Ap pale ho gye so because you are horrified.

64. Apparent


late Middle English: from Old French aparant, from Latin apparent- ‘appearing’, from the verb apparere.
Meaning in English: clearly visible, obvious, seeming real, evident,
Meaning in Hindi: स्पष्ट, प्रकट, प्रत्यक्ष
Usage in Sentence:
"It was apparent that he had no money to pay his bills."
Synonyms: evident, plain, possible, probable, credible, manifest, seeming, ostensible.
Antonyms: unclear, obscure, questionable, uncertain.
Mnemonic: It sounds like transparent which means clearly visible.

65. Apparition


late Middle English (in the sense ‘the action of appearing’): from Latin apparitio(n- ) ‘attendance’, from the verb apparere.
Meaning in English: ghost like, phantom.
Meaning in Hindi: प्रेत, पिशाच
Usage in Sentence:
"I came across apparition while walking in night."
Synonyms: specter, spirit, shadow, appearance, haunt, hallucination, bogeyman.
Antonyms: certainty, reality, truth.
Mnemonic: a pari is ghost.

66. Appease


Middle English: from Old French apaisier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + pais ‘peace’.
Meaning in English: pacify or placate by acceding to their demands, satisfy, soothe.
Meaning in Hindi: शांत करना, मनाना, तुप्ट करके चुप करना
Usage in Sentence:
"Government appeased bank employees by giving them hike in salary."
Synonyms: placate, pacify, make peace with, reconcile, win over, satisfy, gratify.
Antonyms: provoke, frustrate, inflame, trouble, upset, annoy.
Mnemonic: Appease  = ap + peace. Kya ap peace rakhenge.

67. Appellation


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin appellatio(n- ), from the verb appellare
Meaning in English: a name, title, designation.
Meaning in Hindi: पदवी, नाम
Usage in Sentence:
"The city fully justifies its appellation."
Synonyms: denomination, tag, label, byname, nickname.

68. Append


late Middle English: from Latin appendere ‘hang on’, from ad- ‘to’ + pendere ‘hang’.
Meaning in English: to add as supplement, add to the end of document, attach.
Meaning in Hindi: जोड़ना, मिलाना
Usage in Sentence:
"To append a note to a letter."
Synonyms: add, attach, affix, adjoin, include, fasten.
Antonyms: detach, disjoin, unfasten, take away.

69. Application


Middle English: via Old French from Latin applicatio(n- ), from the verb applicare
Meaning in English: diligence, attention, sustained effort, the action putting something into operation.
Meaning in Hindi: प्रयोग, उपयोग, इस्तेमाल
Usage in Sentence:
"The application of common sense to a problem."
Synonyms: function, play, practice, purpose,  implementation, exercise.
Antonyms: misuse.
Mnemonic: Remember writing an application.

70. Apposite


late 16th cent.: from Latin appositus, past participle of apponere ‘apply’, from ad- ‘towards’ + ponere ‘put’.
Meaning in English: appropriate, fitting
Meaning in Hindi: योग्य, ठीक
Usage in Sentence:
"An apposite answer."
Synonyms: relevant, suitable, timely.
Antonyms: inappropriate.
Mnemonic: Apposite = opposite of  ‘Opposite’ ie appropriate.

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