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Vocabulary: Words starting with A (51-60)

List (51-60)

51. Apiary


mid 17th cent.: from Latin apiarium, from apis ‘bee’.
Meaning in English: a place where bees are kept.
Meaning in Hindi: मधुमक्षिकालय, शहद की मक्खी का बगीचा
Mnemonic: Apiary sounds like a bee. It is a place where bee is kept.

52. Apiculture


mid 19th cent.: from Latin apis ‘bee’ + culture, on the pattern of words such as agriculture .
Meaning in English: bee-keeping.
Meaning in Hindi: मधुमक्खीपालन
 Usage in Sentence:
"Apiculture is widely practiced in Europe."

53. Aplomb


late 18th cent. (in the sense ‘perpendicularity, steadiness’): from French, from à plomb ‘according to a plumb line’.
Meaning in English: self-confidence in demanding situation, poise, composure in difficult situation.
Meaning in Hindi: अभिमान, आत्मविश्वास
Usage in Sentence:
"Nisha passed the exam with aplomb."
Synonyms: poise, self-assurance, self-confidence, presence of mind, self-possession, coolness, balance.
Antonyms: fear, gaucheness.
Mnemonic: Remember it as Ap + bomb (lomb). You say to sexy and confident girl ‘Ap bahut bomb ho’ ir you are aplomb.

54. Apocalyptic


early 17th cent. (as a noun denoting the writer of the Apocalypse, St John): from Greek apokaluptikos, from apokaluptein ‘uncover’.
Meaning in English: prophetic, prophesying the complete destruction of world.
Meaning in Hindi: भविष्यसूचक, दैवी साहित्य
Usage in Sentence:
"Scientist has apocalyptic view of the future."
Synonyms: ominous, prophetic, predictive.
Mnemonic: A + po (prophecy) + calyptic (calamity). So a prophecy of calamity.

55. Apocryphal

Meaning in English: widely believed but untrue, being of questionable authenticity, of doubtful authorship.
Meaning in Hindi: अप्रमाणिक
Usage in Sentence:
"Most of the stories of Einstein’s life are apocryphal."
Synonyms: fictitious, untrue, doubtful, false, unauthenticated, unverified, wrong.
Antonyms: true, doubtless, real, authentic.
Mnemonic: Derived from word ‘crypt’ which means secret. So Apocryphal means “of doubtful authenticity”.

56. Apogee


late 16th cent.: from French apogée or modern Latin apogaeum, from Greek apogaion (diastēma), ‘(distance) away from earth’, from apo ‘from’ + gaia, gē ‘earth’.
Meaning in English: highest point, point farthest from earth, climax.
Meaning in Hindi: चरमोत्कर्ष, दूरतम बिन्दु, भूमि उच्च
Usage in Sentence:
"In 2003, Sachin was at apogee of his career."
Synonyms: apex, acme, summit, crest, zenith, climax.
Antonyms: bottom, base.
Mnemonic: Pronounce Apogee like a fauji (soldier). A soldier is at highest point as compared to toher professions.

57. Apolitical

Meaning in English: not political, not involved or interested in politics.
Meaning in Hindi: अराजनैतिक
Usage in Sentence:
"Unlike Pramod Mahajan, Rahul Mahajan is apolitical."
Mnemonic: A (without) + political. So anyone not interest in politics is apolitical.

58. Apologist


mid 17th cent.: from French apologiste, from Greek apologizesthai ‘give an account’.
Meaning in English: a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial, one who writes in defense of cause.
Meaning in Hindi: समर्थक, क्षमा की प्रार्थना करनेवाला
Usage in Sentence:
"He is an apologist for capital punishment."
Synonyms: pleader, supporter, upholder, advocate, campaigner, propagandist.
Antonyms: critic.
Mnemonic: One who seeks apology by supporting or defending him is apologist.

59. Apoplexy

ate Middle English: from Old French apoplexie, from late Latin apoplexia, from Greek apoplēxia, from apoplēssein ‘disable by a stroke’.
Meaning in English: unconsciousness, loss of consciousness caused by too much blood in brain,  stroke.
Meaning in Hindi: मिरगी, लक़वा, मूर्छा की बीमारी
Usage in Sentence:
"Many times she got attack of apoplexy."
Synonyms: stroke, seizure.
Antonyms: consciousness.
Mnemonic: people + sexy. A sexy girl appears from people left you in unconscious state.

60. Apostate


Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostatēs ‘apostate, runaway slave’.
Meaning in English: one who abandons his religious faiths or political belief.
Meaning in Hindi: धर्मत्यागी, धर्म रहित
Usage in Sentence:
"He is an apostate."
Synonyms: deserter, backslider.
Antonyms: loyalist, faithful, adherent.
Mnemonic: Apostate = Opposite + state. A person who is against his state or religion.

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